Warp Xilinx FPGA IP

In addition to the comprehensive functionality of Omnitek’s Warp IP, the Omnitek’s Warp RT adds the real-time warp mesh animation required for realistic 360-degree surround view and augmented reality applications. The Warp RT can process up to 4K, P60 video with sub frame latency.

Historically, warp transforms needed to be calculated in software and then applied to the warp circuitry. The real-time warp approach provides the sub-frame latency required for these applications when processing moving images. The innovative approach taken by Omnitek uses a cache based addressing method that can instantly (within a video frame) apply a warp transform to the live video stream.

Omnitek has developed a highly complex, but efficient algorithm within an FPGA IP core that supports 4K, P60 and will ultimately allow the processing up to 8K, 120Hz video steams.

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