High quality image processing for the best user experience

VR and AR applications pose some unique challenges to system designers. In order to make the user experience rewarding and enjoyable, it is critical that the video (and audio) delivery is performed with very low latency, high frame rate, and best possible resolution. When these factors are combined with the need for low power lightweight headset designs, this requires our leading-edge technology to arrive at a successful solution.

Omnitek has worked on a variety of VR projects, providing high-performance interconnect solutions and low latency video manipulation IP. This includes the OSVP high quality image scaling pipeline, and our unique small-footprint Warp Processor IP for correcting non-linear display lens geometry. For AR applications, the Omnitek camera ISP pipeline is specifically designed for high resolution, multi-channel operation. The Image Stitch IP is ideal for creating real-time “panoramic view” displays, creating an instant wide-angle view for the user. The 3D Depth Mapping IP can be used to provide measurements based on the content of the left and right images.

As with all Omnitek IP solutions, our technology is highly optimized for the smallest possible resource utilization, and hence lowest possible power consumption and reduced bill-of-materials cost.