Ultra 4K Tool Box

4K / UHD Analyzer / Generator

The Omnitek Ultra 4K Tool Box provides conversion, generation and analysis of TV and Digital Cinema signals in all current and anticipated video formats up to 4096 x 2160/60, allowing manufacturers, designers, researchers, broadcasters and systems integrators to build, test and commission 4K products and systems with complete confidence. There are also applications for the Ultra 4K Tool Box in Outside Broadcast vans and networks.

Conversion between connection and image formats allows operation in multi-format video environments, while advanced SDI eye and jitter analysis features will enable system designers to rapidly locate sources of signal error in all signal paths up to 4K/60 on 12G-SDI single link. To complete its comprehensive solution, the Ultra 4K Tool Box offers of a variety of connection formats – multi-rate SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort - for both video source and display.

GENERATE, CONVERT and ANALYSE options are included as standard, along with support of all standards up to 6G-SDI. Physical Layer Analysis and support for 12G-SDI available as optional extras.

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Data Analysis

Advanced Physical Layer

12G, 6G, 3G, HD, SD-SDI Analysis

The ANALYSE option provides a comprehensive range of instruments required to analyse the video, metadata and audio of the SDI data stream.

  • User-configurable display with presets
  • Picture - high quality, full-size, full-frame-rate
  • SD, HD, 3G, 6G and 12G-SDI
  • Zoom View
  • Gamut Meters
  • Status – Monitoring video and physical layer
  • Data and Cable Views
  • Data Waveform
  • Audio Meters and Status
  • Ancillary Data

Format Converter

The CONVERT option allow the up/down/cross conversion between input and output standards.

  • SD, HD, 3G, 6G and 12G-SDI support
  • Conversion between appropriate video formats
  • Conversion between different link structures
  • Conversion between SQ and 2SI
  • Simple and intuitive Connections menu
  • User defined image sharpening/softening
  • Bit depth and colour space conversion

User Interface

The User Interface can be displayed via a web browser on the HDMI HD or DisplayPort HD output.

SNMP Control & Automation

SNMP commands are supported and SNMP traps generated, allowing automation of all aspects of the 4K Tool Box's functionality, and enabling remote control scripting as part of a test infrastructure.

4K/UHD Test Pattern Generation

The GENERATE option allows the generation of stills and sequences in all video standards up to 4K p60 for SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs with Audio Tone.

  • Pattern and sequence generation from SD to 4K
  • Multi-link pattern generation for QL-3G & DL-6G
  • Colour bars including SMPTE Bars
  • Multiburst, frequency sweeps, moving Zone Plates
  • Luma / chroma steps & ramp and pulse & bar
  • User-defined patterns
  • Omnitek TSA and user-defined sequences
  • 4K TSA including quadrant and cable identifiers for cable ordering of multi-link 4K standards
  • 6G & 12G-SDI Pathological ‘pothole’ test signal
  • Play back of captured stills and video clips
  • Patterns loaded from internal SSD, USB or LAN
  • Independent luma and chroma channel control
  • Output level & slew-rate control (PHY_ADV)
  • SDI link timing delay for QL 3G and DL 6G-SDI
  • Generator lockable to video, ext ref or free run
  • Jitter insertion to RP184 into all SDI rates at 0 to 3MHz and up to 4UI pk-pk (PHY_ADV option)
  • 16 simultaneous generated audio tones

12G-SDI Support

The VIDEO_12G option provides input, output and instrument support for 12G-SDI signals up to 4K p60.

Physical Layer Analysis

The PHY option provides a pair of instruments required to measure signal quality and jitter on SDI interfaces:

  • Eye Waveform Display up to 6Gb/s
  • Jitter Meters up to 6Gb/s

Advanced Physical Layer Analysis

This PHY_ADV option provides the following:

  • Eye Pattern up to 12Gb/s
  • Jitter Measurement up to 12Gb/s
  • Jitter Waveform up to 12Gb/s
  • Jitter Histogram up to 12Gb/s
  • Jitter Spectrum up to 12Gb/s

Picture Viewer

High quality
Variable size
SDI up to 4K
HDMI to 1920x1080
Native resolution display
Point of interest selection

Zoom View

High quality
31x31 or 15x15 array
Hex or Decimal display
User cursor position
Point of interest display

Gamut Meters

Intuitive display
6-bar YCbCr & RGB check
Real time % display
Cursor selection
EBU RP 103 compliant

Status Monitor

Video format & image size
Physical layer checking
Link timecode display
Gamut range
Signal amplitude & Jitter

Data View

Hex, Hex 8/2 or Decimal
SMPTE colour coding
Virtual image identification
User cursor position
Point of interest selection
SAV and EAV shortcuts


Hex, Hex 8/2 or Decimal
SMPTE colour coding
User cursor position
Point of interest selection
SAV and EAV shortcuts

Data Waveform

31 or 15 pixel YUV waveform
Hex, Hex 8/2 or Decimal
User cursor position
Point of interest selection

Ancillary Data

Ancillary status overview
53 common ANC packets
3 user-defined packets
Colour-coded status
Packet error count
Detailed status pages


Single, dual or quad link
Timing against link or ref
Graphical display
Numerical timing values

Audio Status

Audio format details
4 Audio group display
Audio stream selection

Audio PPM

16 audio channels
-60dB to 0dB range

Eye Waveform (PHY / PHY_ADV)

SD, HD, 3G, 6G & 12G
Automatic measurements
Rise and fall time cursors
Selectable jitter meter
Waveform histograms
Single or multiple Eyes

Jitter Meters (PHY / PHY_ADV)

SD, HD, 3G, 6G & 12G
5 live jitter meters
SMPTE compliant
Persistent jitter cursors
Jitter markers

Jitter Waveform (PHY_ADV)

Live jitter display
10Hz to 20MHz spectrum
User-defined ranges

Jitter Spectrum (PHY_ADV)

10Hz to 20MHz spectrum
Peak jitter table
Log / linear scales
User-defined ranges

Jitter Histogram (PHY_ADV)

Statistical jitter display
10Hz to 3MHz spectrum
User-defined ranges
Standard deviation value

Event & Closed Caption Logging

Individual Event and Caption logs
Logging against source timecode
User-selectable columns

Line Pattern Generator

The built-in line pattern generator allows the generation of simple test signals in all SD, HD, 3G, 6G and 12G video standards from the SDI output.

Pattern Generator (GENERATE Option)

Line pattern and sequences, Audio tone generation, Composite patterns, Captured images and sequences

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