Test & Measurement Product End of Life Notification

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BASINGSTOKE, UK. January 20th, 2020 – Omnitek today announced that the manufacture and sale of Omnitek’s Ultra 4K Tool Box, Ultra XR and Ultra TQ T&M products will cease at the end of March 2020.

The Ultra 4K Tool Box, the Ultra XR, Ultra TQ, OTR, and PQA products manufactured by Omnitek are at their “end of life”. Version 4.3 will be the last release for the Ultra family of products.

There is a limited stock of Ultra units that can be purchased, but no new orders will be accepted after 28/02/2020.

All Ultra units with a manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty will be maintained as defined by the warranty agreements that were in place at the time of sale.

Front line support will continue via a new Intel support email address (support_omnitek@intel.com) and from 31st March 2020, self-service will be available via the new www.intel.com/t-m-support page.

Calibration of the Omnitek Ultra 4K Tool Box and Ultra TQ will be available as part of warranty and extended warranty. Non warranty support and repairs depend on the product age, cause of failure, availability of spare parts and subject to conditions.

We recognize the importance of Omnitek’s T&M products as part of our customers day to day operations, and we will continue to provide support for the Ultra family of products as outlined above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support_omnitek@intel.com

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