The provision of technical and operational support is an important part of Omnitek’s business activities. Technical and operational support for Omnitek’s current video Test & Measurement equipment is typically provided by one of our local dealers. Where this is unavailable, support is provided via the and via telephone (+44 (0)1256 345900) during UK office hours.

Omnitek’s help desk system will process enquiries received at and will be managed by our Technical Support Team.

Support Policy

All equipment is warranted for one year, to include software updates and hardware repairs. At the time of purchase of unit it is possible to include the purchase of annual maintenance contracts, which will provide identical warranty to that included for the first year.

New versions of software will be automatically supplied to customers with a valid maintenance contract. Software will be provided on the Omnitek download page are limited to bug fixes, and minor operating enhancements to existing features. Software that adds major new features will not be supplied free under the maintenance scheme but may be purchased subject to compatibility with existing unit hardware.

Software failures

If any bugs are discovered in the software, these should be reported to Omnitek. At the discretion of Omnitek, either an urgent fix will be generated and supplied to the customer, or the bug will be allocated for fixing in a scheduled future release.

Hardware failures

Any hardware failure during the first year, or if a current maintenance contract is in force, will be repaired free of charge by Omnitek. The repair will be carried out by one of the following methods:

  1. Customer to return faulty item to Omnitek. Once repaired, Omnitek will return item to customer.
  2. Customer to return faulty item to Omnitek. Omnitek to supply replacement item to customer.

The repair method will be entirely at Omnitek’s discretion. No item should be returned to Omnitek without receiving prior authorization from Omnitek.

Items being sent will usually be dispatched by next day courier, although this may vary depending on customer location, and at the discretion of Omnitek. Next day shipment is only available prior to 2pm, so a replacement part required after this time will not be collected by the courier until the following working day. If an engineer is going to visit, this will typically occur the next working day.

With option 2, Omnitek will issue an invoice with shipment of the replacement item. Once the faulty item is received by Omnitek, a credit note for the same value will be issued. Despite the item being faulty, it is still important to package it correctly for return shipment. A charge may be made if the returned item suffers damage due to incorrect packaging.

Hardware Updates

During the first year, or if a current maintenance contract is in force, any hardware updates that are required to correct problems with the original unit, will be carried out free of charge. The mechanism to carry out the update will be same as used in the case of hardware failure. However, any hardware changes that are implemented to add new features to the product will only be supplied as a purchasable item.

All Support Enquires

Any support is available by the following methods:

  1. User documentation and diagnostics will be available on the Omnitek website.
  2. Support may be obtained by emailing or by using the Contact Us form
  3. Support may be obtained by phoning the UK office between 9-00 and 5-30, Monday to Friday only.

When emailing or phoning for support, please quote the serial number of the unit in question.

Flexible Upgrade Path

Omnitek operates a flexible upgrade process to accommodate changing industry needs and workflows and allow customers to migrate the functionality of their existing Ultra product to any other variant.

Termination of Support

Omnitek will normally expect to continue offering customer support on any product for three years after the Sales Termination Date. Where possible, support will be offered for longer than three years depending on the availability of component parts. Omnitek will honour the terms of any applicable warranty and/or maintenance agreements that were purchased prior to the Sales Termination Date.

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