SMPTE 2110 Connectivity and Dolby Decode on Ultra Family

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BASINGSTOKE, UK. September 5th 2018 – Leading Video Test & Measurement provider Omnitek will be showcasing its new SMPTE 2110 connectivity and Dolby decoder for the Ultra family of products at this year’s IBC (14 – 18 September)

Omnitek will be showcasing its highly successful Ultra TQ, now in its second year of production and including full Dolby metadata, Dolby decoding and AES audio support. This fully equipped waveform rasteriser has now been adopted by broadcasters world-wide. The Ultra TQ is an SDI/IP waveform rasterizer that provides an unrivaled and comprehensive set of tools to support broadcasters with the challenges posed by HDR, WCG and audio production in both SDI and IP (SMPTE 2110 / SMPTE 2022-6) environments with dual PTP support and NMOS integration.

With version 4.0 software and the new Digital Audio FMC board, Ultra TQ now gains the ability to analyse and decode Dolby E and D audio for monitoring and quality checking, the ability to de-embed SDI / 2110 / 2022-6 audio content to AES/EBU Audio outputs as well as the ability to monitor AES/EBU Audio on discrete audio connections. With the Dolby and AES options, the Ultra TQ provides full metadata analysis, metering, Lissajous, loudness and logging of the decoded Dolby E and D content.

Rob Arnold, VP Worldwide Sales, commented “Although the Ultra TQ is only just over one year old, it has already become a popular choice with broadcasters in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. The ease of use, flexibility and keen pricing of the Ultra TQ has encouraged broadcasters to invest in large numbers of units at multiple sites.”

Omnitek will be launching its new warranty and care package, “Ultra Passport” at IBC which is aimed at broadcasters and media organisations facing the challenges of technological change. This will allow customers to purchase T&M equipment now, knowing that their investment will not be wasted in the future when further technological challenges arise.

“The Ultra Passport care package has been developed to provide a flexible, simple, hassle-free support and upgrade approach to future proof their investment.” Commented Alan Wheable, Communications Manager at Omnitek

Omnitek’s design consultancy division specialises in FPGA core design & integration, electronics and software for video and image processing applications for all markets that use video capture and display – including broadcast, professional AV, medical, automotive, surveillance, aerospace/defence, industrial/scientific, consumer and test & measurement.

From off-the-shelf IP-cores to full turnkey PCB design, Omnitek provides an integrated service of expertise and experience to give maximum efficiency and reduced time to market. Omnitek’s IP Cores provide FPGA-based image processing from the sensor to the display and Omnitek’s silicon device solutions, such as the Flex 2K and 4K video warp designs and the Javelin video over IP design, reduce manufacturer development costs, risks and time to market. Consultants will be available at the show to discuss design requirements.

“IBC is always a good show for both sides of Omnitek’s business. On the T&M side, the show allows us to talk with new and existing customers about their current and future needs. On the design consultancy side, the show is the ideal place to talk to manufacturers about their product design requirements” commented David Ackroyd, Vice President of Business Development at Omnitek

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