SDI Rx & Tx Xilinx FPGA IP

The Omnitek SDI IP is a highly optimised Xilinx FPGA IP Core to allow the conversion of any SMPTE Serial Digital Interface video data stream into an AXI4-Stream with support for single link (up to 12G-SDI), dual link (up to 6G-SDI) and quad link (3G-SDI). This IP comes as independent Rx and Tx IP. The Rx IP decodes an SDI video stream into a neutral AXI4-Stream and the Tx IP encodes a neutral AXI4-Stream into the chosen SDI video stream format.

Key Features

  • Very small FPGA resource footprint
  • Multichannel GT-SDI support
  • 5-Rate 12G Fully loaded Gate Count, 70% smaller than Xilinx
  • Over 1700 SMPTE SDI Video standards supported
  • Both 4K Square Division and 2 Sample Interleave Processing
  • SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI support
  • Independent Rx/Tx IP
  • Output of active video and full raster video with blanking
  • Audio Extraction and Embedding
  • SMPTE 352 Packet Extraction and Embedding
  • Loop-back test mode
  • Bare Metal and Linux Support Libraries


  • SDI Input / Output connection for broadcast equipment
  • SDI Input for high end projectors
  • SDI to HDMI conversion
  • SDI to V-by-One conversion
  • Gearbox from one SDI format to another
  • Video Standards conversion

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