Addressing the needs of manufacturers

With UHD / 4K now being adopted by many organisations, there is an increasing need for the appropriate test equipment to support manufacturing, commissioning and the day to day running of any UHD / 4K equipment installation.

For anyone buying equipment these days, the list of requirements is quite long and the decisions being made will affect not just short term, but long term production efficiencies. When buying Test & Measurement equipment, the challenge is to find the one that suits the immediate need, future needs and at a price that is within ever tighter budget constraints. And above all it needs to be fit for purpose, value for money and easy to use.

Ultra 4K Tool Box

The Omnitek Ultra 4K Tool Box provides conversion, generation and analysis of TV and Digital Cinema signals in all current and anticipated video formats up to 4096 x 2160/60, allowing manufacturers, designers, researchers, broadcasters and systems integrators to build, test and commission 4K products and systems with complete confidence. The Ultra 4K Tool Box is already the instrument of choice with over 70 manufacturers world-wide.

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