OTR 1001 PQA – Picture Quality Analyzer

In today’s multi-media digital broadcast environment, a wide variety of compression techniques are used in the attempt to maximise the payload capacity of the chosen transmission path. Picture Quality and Audio Quality assessment of the resulting broadcast video are essential to ensure that the best use is made of the available channel bandwidth.

Traditional measures such as Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Total Harmonic Distortion have some value but are often at variance with the results of subjective tests which have the drawback of being expensive and time-consuming to conduct. What is needed for both assessments are measures that are both suitable for continuous monitoring and reflect human perception.

The 1001 PQA Picture Quality Analyzer provides full-reference picture quality analysis, with all the tools necessary for R&D laboratories, broadcasters and transmission engineers to make deterministic measurements that take account of factors such as luma level and location near to edges in assessing picture quality. It also supports remote control using SNMP with user-configurable alarms.

The main features of the system include:

Flexible Signal Processing Architecture

  • Compare either two live video inputs in real-time, or
  • Compare two stored video sequences, or
  • Compare one live input against a stored sequence
  • Automatic delay compensation
  • Full remote control using SNMP

Picture Quality Measurements

  • Real-time Luma & Chroma PSNR calculations
  • Edge-compensated picture difference analysis
  • Macroblock artifact detection with edge compensation
  • Average picture level of both test and reference signals
  • User-configurable combined quality assessment

Comprehensive Result Analysis

  • Graphical presentation of all quality measurements
  • User-selectable error trigger thresholds
  • Data time-stamped and stored in XML files
  • Comparison of results from different tests

The PQA software option is also available for the OTR 1003 and for the OTM 1000 (with some restrictions).

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