Ultra Passport – Extended warranty and care plan

The Ultra Passport is designed for the broadcast and media industries that are evolving in all areas to adapt to the challenges of competition from OTT, changing user viewing habits, technological advances in image resolution, dynamic range and colour rendition as well as embracing new video over IP infrastructures. Each organisation is finding its own path to the solution it believes will future-proof themselves, to deliver the type of programs that the viewers wish to see and in the way they expect to see them.

The Ultra Passport care plan has been developed to support Broadcasters and media organisations in these challenging times by providing a flexible, simple, hassle-free support and upgrade approach to allow its customers to purchase Omnitek equipment now, knowing that it is a future proof investment.

When designing the Ultra Passport care plan, we asked ourselves, “what are the factors that contribute to ‘peace of mind’ for our customers”. Words such as reliability, certainty, competence, professionalism, rapid response, problem solving, technical support, future-proofed, high availability, value for money, hassle free came to mind.

Flexible Upgrade

Omnitek operate a flexible upgrade to allow customers who have purchase one type of Ultra system to exchange it with another type with no penalty. This is limited to the Manufacturers Warranty period of 1 year, but this can be extended to 3 or 5 years.

Annual Calibration

Calibration has been required traditionally to compensate for aging analogue components within the equipment. Even in digital equipment there are analogue components such as driver chips, resistors, capacitors and crystal oscillators as well as analogue variables such as temperature and power rail voltages that may have an effect on the digital circuitry especially with high clock rate signals present in video today.

Many organisation’s quality system require that all test and measurement equipment is regularly calibrated and does not differentiate between analogue or digital based designs. For critical applications, Omnitek recommend annual calibration of the Ultra 4K Tool Box and Ultra TQ products.

Advanced Service Replacement

Omnitek can provide advanced service replacement units for customers with the Ultra Passport 3-year and 5-year plans. ASR units will be despatched as soon as a fault is diagnosed that requires the unit to be returned to the factory or when a customer’s unit need to be returned to the factory for calibration or hardware upgrade.

Customer Help Desk Portal

Omnitek provide a customer-specific help desk portal to allow organisations to access their product details, support issues and questions as well as providing additional support information that is not publicly available.

Discounted Future Purchases

The Ultra Passport guaranties discount on software options, hardware upgrades and further product purchases for the chosen plan period.

Key Features

  • Fixed prices for 3 or 5 year plans at any time
    (plan starts at equipment purchase date not plan purchase date)
  • 3 or 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty with Advanced Service Replacement
  • Annual Calibration (Ultra 4K Tool Box & Ultra TQ)
  • Help Desk Portal
  • Advanced Technical Support
  • Access to Omnitek’s Flexible Upgrade process for 3 or 5-years
  • 40% off future software options for plan period
    (after 6 months of original equipment purchase)
  • 25% off upgrades for plan period
    (available at time of Calibration, not including SPF devices)
  • 10% off future equipment purchase during plan period
    (based on a single Ultra purchase)


  • High availability applications
  • Broadcasters and media organisations
  • Large organisations with multiple units and/or multiple sites
  • Organisations with 24 hour / shift operations
  • Post Houses
  • Small broadcasters
  • Calibration / Test Houses
  • Manufacturers / R&D / Production lines
  • Rental Companies

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