OZ745 Downloads

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OZ745 Software Environment

Version (built using Xilinx XSDK 2013.4)
Software Environment Guide

OZ745 SD Card Image

Video Platform Evaluation Reference Design – 13/10/2014

OZ745 Documentation

Quick Start Guide – 04/06/2015
User Guide – 04/06/2016
Schematics – 04/06/2016
FMC Schematics – 04/06/2016
Bill Of Materials – 04/06/2016
OZ745 Evaluation Reference Design Guide – 04/06/2016

OSVP Scalable Video Processor IP

Video Platform Evaluation Reference Design – 13/10/2014
OSVP User Guide – 04/06/2016

DMA Controller IP and Video-Streaming Reference Design

Altera_EVAL_2.2.27.0.zip – 06/07/2015
Xilinx DMA Controller User Guide – 27/09/2017
Accompanying Read-Me (Important) – 06/07/2015
Xilinx_EVAL_2.2.27.0.zip – 06/07/2015
Accompanying Read-Me (Important) – 06/07/2015

Note: The IP included in these Zip files is encrypted. A licence is required to use this IP.

To obtain a licence to the IP, send an email to licensing@omnitek.tv including your name and the name of the company you represent. This licence is free and allows the use of the IP within a development design tethered to the system on which the IP is installed.

To obtain a full licence which allows use within a commercial product or to obtain a source code version, contact us here.

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