OTR 1001

Advanced Waveform Rasterizer & Signal Generator

The Omnitek OTR 1001 and 1003 offer a unique combination of high-precision video and audio analysis tools partnered with a comprehensive full-motion signal generator system in a single rackmount unit. The OTR 1001 is a 1RU system, offered in two versions - the 1001c with an integral front control panel, and the 1001m configured for control using a mouse and keyboard. The OTR 1003 is a 3RU system, configured for use with a mouse and keyboard. Both systems are compatible with all single and dual-link SDI formats at 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s, and 3Gb/s.

The facilities offered include a Stereo 3D monitoring option, providing a comprehensive range of colorimetry and depth-analysis functions.

A scope-box/monitor version of the OTR is also available: learn more.

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