Ultra high quality medical imaging and display

Omnitek provides a range of Medical Imaging IP Cores specifically designed for image processing of endoscope and microscope feeds. These include the ISP IP (to process the RAW sensor image), the HDR Tone-mapping IP (to improve image dynamic range and contrast), the Warp IP (to correct lens artefacts) and the OSVP IP Suite (to allow the addition of overlays, combine other sensor images and to apply false colour, augmented reality and other effects to the image). The 3D Depth Mapping IP can be used to provide measurements based on the content of the left and right images.

In this typical implementation example, stereoscopic images from a device such as an Endoscope or Microscope are captured along with infrared and other sensor data. Here the Omnitek ISP IP is being used to process the RAW bayer image from the sensors and provide defective pixel correction, black level correction, colour balance correction and de-bayer of the image data stream. The Omnitek HDR Tone-mapping IP is also being used here to improve image dynamic range and contrast. The Warp IP included in this example allows lens distortions to be corrected and to perform other transforms such as rotation.

Advanced medical imaging systems are now migrating to 4K “Ultra High Definition” signal processing paths, in order to preserve the maximum detail in camera imagery and X-Ray, PET and CT data scans. Omnitek has provided turnkey design solutions to many companies in this field, bringing a wealth of image processing knowledge to a new and growing market.

Omnitek also provide a range connectivity IP to simplify design implementation. These include Omnitek’s HDMI IP, V-by-One Rx, “DisplayPort Rx” and “LVDS Rx and Tx” and SDI IP.

AI is being used increasingly for diagnosis in medical imaging applications.  Omnitek’s industry-leading Deep Learning Processing Unit (DPU) can easily be optimised for such applications and seamlessly integrated with the above IP to create complete intelligent image analysis and diagnosis systems.

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