Omnitek have developed High Dynamic Range (HDR) Tone-mapping processing techniques which dynamically adapts the processing of the ISP data on a regional basis to enhance the overall viewing experience. This transforms a poorly lit image with little contrast into a bright image with excellent contrast.

The Omnitek HDR Subsystem accepts RGB-format video input as an AXI4-Stream, mathematically analyses the image content and dynamically enhances the luminance range to enhance local brightness.

A typical implementation of the HDR Subsystem is in conjunction with the ISP Subsystem to provide and complete camera sensor image processing system. In the example above the Omnitek HDR Subsystem is being used to condition the output image.

Key Features

  • Very small FPGA resource footprint
  • 8/10/12-bit Input video format support
  • Image resolutions up to 4096 pixels x 2160 lines up to 120Hz
  • Fully compatible with other Omnitek IP Subsystems, such as the ISP
  • Subsystem, OSVP Suite and Warp Subsystem via AXI4-Stream to provide a comprehensive image processing package.
  • Available as an independent IP Core
  • Available as reference design
  • Bare Metal and Linux Support Libraries


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