The Omnitek HDMI IP Core consists of the HDMI Rx Subsystem and the HDMI Tx Subsystem. The HDMI Rx Subsystem will convert an HDMI video stream up to 4KP60 to a RGB/YUV video AXI4-Stream with any AUX data in an auxiliary AXI4-Stream. The HDMI Tx Subsystem will convert a RGB/YUV video AXI4-Stream plus AUX data into a HDMI video stream.

Functional block diagram of the HDMI Rx Subsystem

HDMI channels are de-serialised, checked, synchronized and bonded. The data is decoded to remove the TMDS encoding then unscrambled and de-encrypted by the High Definition Copy Protection IP Core.

The de-encrypted data is de-multiplexed into an RGB/YUV video stream and an auxiliary data stream. The video data stream unpacked, timed, sub-sampled and then mapped as a RGB/YUV AXI4-Stream. The auxiliary data stream is filtered to extract different packets and output as an AXI4-Stream.

Functional block diagram of the HDMI Tx Subsystem

RGB/YUV Video data as a AXI4-Stream is mapped, pixel repeated, timed then multiplexed with the AUX Data on a second AXI4-Stream. The RGB or YUV data stream that is produced is then split into separate RGB/YUV streams for output as HDMI

The 3 identical data channels for RGB/YUV scramble the data before encoding as TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signalling). The data is then oversampled and buffered before being serialised to provide the HDMI output.


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Key Features:

  • Very small FPGA resource footprint
  • Very low output latency
  • Support for image sizes up to 4096 x 2160 at up to 60 fps
  • Independent transceiver PHY (GT Core) to allow ease of integration into different designs and packages
  • Tx and Rx available as independent IP Subsystems
  • Configurable optional cores to minimise resource usage
  • Available as reference design
  • Fully compatible with other Omnitek IP Cores via AXI4-Stream


The HDMI Rx and Tx Subsystems can be used in a range of applications including:

  • HDMI to SDI conversion up to 4KP60
  • SDI to HDMI conversion up to 4KP60
  • HDMI to V-by-One conversion
  • Display screen interfaces
  • Projector interfaces
  • Multi-screen display controllers
  • Interactive display systems
  • HDMI switchers/routers
  • HDMI to IP conversion

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