Omnitek DPU for Data Centre / Cloud Applications

There are significant advantages to using the Omnitek DPU for data centre and cloud applications where performance, flexibility, future proof design, efficiency, power consumption and unit costs all become vitally important when scaled to meet increasing demand. Typically, cloud-based applications would use an FPGA and would need to reconfigure that FPGA for each different workload. This is easily achieved using an Omnitek DPU on an FPGA.

The Omnitek DPU has been designed with data centre use in mind. It can be ported onto existing FPGAs in the Cloud or implemented on new FPGA-based accelerators in the Cloud or enterprise server networks.

The Omnitek DPU is the industry’s highest performance DNN on an FPGA. For example, when implemented as a GoogLeNet Inception-v1 CNN, the Omnitek DPU performs inference on 224×224 images using 8-bit integer processing at over 5,300 inferences per second when running in a Xilinx UltraScale+ VU9P-3 FPGA on a PCI Express card with a demonstration application run on a PC under Linux.

The Omnitek DPU can be reconfigured in a matter of milliseconds to implement different topologies for different workloads, using different bit files, and can then be programmed using Omnitek’s DPU Microcode to set up the parameters for the currently configured topology.

Once configured, the DPU can be software programmed by the user to refine the detailed architecture of the selected DNN. For example, in the case of a CNN, the programmer can select an existing design such as GoogLeNet or YOLO, or define a fully customised CNN architecture.

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