Robust, reliable, dependable Aerospace / Defence IP

Aerospace / Defence IP design often poses unique challenges. Omnitek has proven to be a trusted partner for some of the world’s leading aerospace and defence suppliers.

Our FPGA and SoC centric design is ideally suited to lower volume, specialist product design. While many of the video requirements for Aerospace and Defense are similar to other markets, we also recognize the different design methodology and standards required for this demanding market.

For video over IP, Omnitek have uniquely developed robust IP cores for video-over-IP using the military Def Stan 00-82 standard. This IP can be combined with mainstream connectivity such as SDI, DisplayPort and HDMI and processing IP such as Omnitek’s OSVP Suite and Warp IP to create bespoke silicon solutions.

For example, needing rotated images to accommodate different screen orientations, display images on specific aspect ratio screens or display different parts of the same image over a number of screens.

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