Supporting SDI / IP broadcast

These are challenging time for broadcast and post production which demands content to be produced in a range of different formats, colour spaces and dynamic ranges to suit a diversifying delivery route to consumers with high expectations of better picture quality and enhanced user experience.

For anyone buying equipment these days, the list of requirements is quite long and the decisions being made will affect not just short term, but long term production efficiencies. When buying Test & Measurement equipment, the challenge is to find the one that suits the immediate need, future needs and at a price that is within ever tighter budget constraints. And above all it needs to be fit for purpose, value for money and easy to use.

Omnitek provide 3 different solutions aimed at colourists, post production editors and quality control. These are the Ultra XR, the Ultra TQ and the OTR 1001, details of which are available below:

Ultra XR

The Ultra XR is Omnitek’s new UHD Video Waveform Rasterizer that addresses the demanding requirements of extended resolution production QC and 4K post production grading.

Neat, powerful and sophisticated, the Ultra XR has been designed specifically for content creatives, colourists, post-production editors, and others working with Ultra high resolution UHD images in all SDI formats.

OTR 1001

The Omnitek OTR 1001 and 1003 offer a unique combination of high-precision video and audio analysis tools partnered with a comprehensive full-motion signal generator system in a single rackmount unit. The OTR 1001 is a 1RU system, offered in two versions – the 1001c with an integral front control panel, and the 1001m configured for control using a mouse and keyboard. The OTR 1003 is a 3RU system, configured for use with a mouse and keyboard. Both systems are compatible with all single and dual-link SDI formats at 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s, and 3Gb/s.

Ultra TQ

The Ultra TQ is a next generation broadcast waveform monitor, based on the highly successful Ultra 4K Tool Box and Ultra XR technology. This platform ensures that the Ultra TQ can perform quality control and monitoring of SD-SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI signals as standard with IP as an option.

The Ultra TQ comes with all of the tools expected as a general broadcast waveform monitor including basic line pattern generator as standard.

OTR 1001 PQA

The 1001 PQA provides full-reference picture quality analysis, with all the tools necessary for R&D laboratories, broadcasters and transmission engineers to make deterministic measurements that take account of factors such as luma level and location near to edges in assessing picture quality. It also supports remote control using SNMP with user-configurable alarms.

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