High performance, high specification IP for broadcast

Omnitek have a deep-rooted history in the design and manufacture of broadcast equipment. : Over the years we have created an enormous portfolio of IP that has been developed for an extensive list of broadcast manufacturers and also used in Omnitek’s own  Video Test & Measurement products. The following diagram shows a typical implementation of Omnitek’s Broadcast IP such as the SDI Rx and Tx IP to create a video standards convertor. In this implementation, IP Cores from Omnitek’s OSVP IP Suite are also used.

Omnitek’s HDMI Rx and Tx IP are also available for HDMI connectivity and to allow conversions between link types such as SDI and HDMI.

AI is being used in an increasing number of broadcast applications, such as upscaling to 8K, in which machine learning has demonstrated more realistic results than traditional sampling theory.  Omnitek’s industry-leading Deep Learning Processing Unit (DPU) can easily be optimised for such applications and seamlessly integrated with the above IP to create complete intelligent broadcast systems.

Contact Omnitek for details of other IP cores that can be implemented in a design as part of Omnitek’s IP Design Services. This include Video Display Processing, 3D Depth Monitoring, General Video Monitoring, Video Test Pattern Generation, Closed Caption Monitoring and Decoding, Audio Monitoring, Physical Layer Monitoring, Waveform / Histogram Monitoring, Timing Measurement and Picture Quality Analysis.

IP Broadcast Waveform Rasterizer

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