2D Graphics Xilinx FPGA IP

Omnitek’s 2D Graphics IP is a complete solution for adding 2D graphics capability to the Xilinx® Zynq® All Programmable SoCs. This IP allows computer generated 2-dimensional graphics to be rendered as a video frame that can then be overlaid onto a live video stream.

The 2D Graphics IP uses three main AXI4 compliant interfaces:

  • An AXI4-MM interface to connect to the SDRAM
  • An AXI4-S interface for video output
  • An AXI4-Lite interface to allow software control

Note that this IP is not necessarily required when using UltraScale Multi-Processor (MP) SoCs devices because these include a Mali GPU that can perform this function.

Key Features

  • Frame Buffer canvas up to 1920×1080 pixels
  • Output up to 3840 x 2160
  • Support for frame rates up to 120Hz
  • Low latency output
  • Choice of 16 bits (5:6:5 RGB) or 32 bits (8:8:8:8 RGBA) per pixel
  • Configurable Output Colour Matrix
  • Dedicated cursor firmware, offloading task of cursor generation from software
  • Optional timing generator to allow stand-alone operation (Module output gen-locked to a reference signal via a timing generator)
  • Use of AXI4-S for pixel interfaces allows blending of live video with content of Frame Buffer in Omnitek OSD (on-screen display)
  • Implementation demonstrated in RTVE reference design.
  • Software control of Output Colour Matrix
  • Software control of firmware-accelerated cursor
  • Linux Frame Buffer driver


  • On-screen user interfaces
  • Overlay of graphical elements, such as measurements, highlights and
  • warnings on live images.
  • Test Pattern Generation
  • VR and AR Heads-up displays

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